Allotments – Locked out

Over a month has passed since my last Allotments post, and the world has changed so much. I was so looking forward to drawing in the allotments, every month, throughout the year. There is a padlock and a social distancing notice on the gate now…

In the first couple of weeks of lockdown I tried to continue with work on progress, and of course it wasn’t really happening, but I made myself work big, and quick in acrylic. You can see in the first three photographs here. I worked from my Emily Ball studies, trying to recreate the energy and joy of mark making in paint.

I then started to recompose, cutting and tearing images, re-sticking to paper and wooden panels. And then I stopped.

Like many of you, I am sure, I flit between different projects. I began working on the small panels on the wall behind. They seemed to be just the right size, and with abstract compositions I began to get my mojo back. ?

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