After attending Art College in Yorkshire I headed south, with my sketchbooks in hand to far sunnier countries: Turkey, Greece, India, Morocco, the Caribbean, and then eventually settling in New Zealand before returning to the UK ten years later.

Along the way, I crewed yachts, painted scenery for Indian celebrations, taught art, worked as freelance illustrator, and studied yoga in Pune, constantly sketching and collecting a rich resource of tickets, labels, packaging, stamps, paper bags and scraps of lettering; each one telling its own story.

I am drawn to new places and people (and boat yards!), to the colours and the light of the Mediterranean, Morocco and India all of which are implicit in my art. Working in collage, combining the found papers with layers of brightly painted tissue to create a vibrant integrated surface, reflects my life and travels: a patchwork of places and people bonded together; some fading, some peeling, some permanent; all full of joyful colour and happy memories. My aim is to transport the viewer to a warmer climate of intense colours and exotic smells, hazy zapping heat and sun scorched walls

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