Allotments – rip it up!

This week it has been finger numbing cold and now we are on the end of Storm Ciara, so I have focused on drawing from drawings, in my studio. Top right is upside down, but I quite like it this way.

All the images have another drawing ripped and collaged on top. I love the freshness that this brings, especially if the drawing is fine – but not exciting yet. It also opens up white space.

At the end of the week I remembered my Greek sticks! These can be found in abundance on a beach in Crete, they are mainly bamboo, I think. This little stubby root fits so snuggly in the palm of my hand. You can see little clips of these in action on my instagram @Karen_Stamper_Collage where I have been asked ‘Is that a chicken’s leg? A kangaroo arm??”?

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