Artist Residency Opportunity

How many artists would just love a big studio space, even if just for a week?

Over the last couple of years I have searched and searched around Cambridge to find a bigger space to work in, but to no avail.

I have found another solution! Emily Ball has created various artist residencies, for one week or two, at the Seawhite Studio in Partridge Green, near Brighton and in the Algarve, Spain. I have signed up for two weeks in September! I can’t wait to have two whole weeks to really focus on my new work, and little else. I am desperate to move up to a bigger scale and this will be the perfect opportunity, I am already collecting my materials and different wooden surfaces to work on.

‘Our studio residencies are limited to 6 participants (plus professional artist) which means we are able to offer generous working spaces/stations.  A residency gives you the freedom to spread out, work large, see your work together so that clearer judgements can be made as you work.’


I also know that it will be hard work for two weeks, and there will be highs and lows, but being in a supportive environment with other artists will be a huge bonus. I know that this time will set me up well for the Autumn and the next phase of my work. What joy! Two weeks to push on, to experiment and consolidate.


‘The Seawhite Studio is renowned for fostering a supportive artistic community.  This is certainly the intention with our residencies.  Working with like-minded people and celebrating the differences in each other’s work will create a motivating and positive atmosphere that is conducive to being creative. We hope the experience leads to friendships and artist-networks that continue long after the residency is over.’

   ‘Working alongside a professional artist means you can witness the changes that their work goes through. Whilst not being taught, within each day of residency there are opportunities to have valuable conversations – artist to artist – about each other’s work.’


There still a couple of places available !

Dates: September 5th – 9th (Monday – Friday) and/or September 12th – 16th (Monday – Friday) 2022

Cost per week:  £300.

Artists can choose to work in the studio for just one week or two.

If you are interested in coming on the Residency please email Emily first before booking so that you can discuss with her what your ambition is for the time in the space.


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