Breaking out of the square/rectangle

development Karen StamperI do love these wooden panels  from Jacksons, they are 10 x 20     inches and 1 inch deep. Working in cut out shapes it seems a logical step to start making the actual pieces a shape in themselves. The three here were composed separate, as a series, then tried together for fun…but its taken me off in a new direction.
out of the box by karen stamperThis one is causing me more problems. It was asking for the fixings to be a part of the collage so hinges and brackets are on the front..I am now searching for those gloss painted (often scraped and rusting)  fixings we are all familiar with. I like the tension and pull to the edges, not sure about the centre yet.
19MAY16 014The next one is work in progress, it is two panels with extra pieces to break away from the rectangle, joined together. I am still playing with this
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