Escape to Zanzibar

There was always a plan, to escape the allotments in the short dark days of February.

Zanzibar has always been a magical word, I just love saying it, so we went, in the hottest month! In between lolling around listlessly and eating the best seafood, I managed to fill my sketchbook – I didn’t read the five books that I packed, just too much effort!

Stonetown is a bit like Havana and Essaouira, crumbling walls, small shady streets, wonderful doors, scaffolding made from sticks, and with the smiliest people who just want to pass the day having ‘social conversation’ with you. I didn’t sketch the first few days, it always takes time to acclimatise and get one’s bearings, and Stonetown has a maze of streets to get lost in.

I began to find my feet more in the south of the island. The local fishermen and boys, showed me their catch, and inspected my sketchbook and asked Man United?? Early morning was the coolest part of the day, but nothing helped my watercolours that had turned into sticky blobs and my posca pens that overflowed with the slightest touch – and they both took a long time to dry, but I quite liked the new marks.

I hope that you enjoy the photos, and that they give you an insight into the beautiful island of Zzzzzanzzzziiibar! ?


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