Monoprinting at Curwen

Those local to Cambridge will know about Curwen, but if you are further a field and are desperate for printing facilities and courses please look at the website

I went up there ( it is on one of the only hills around here) for two days of Open access at the start of the New Year. With only six artists in a huge room full of presses and workspace and with two technician/tutors at hand it is a dream come true. All the equipment is clean and ready. Open access costs £48 per day so plan and prepare carefully – I always try – but then find after at least half a day that it is just not happening. Another cup of tea and a review and slowly the prints start talking back to me, the right techniques, the spontaneous mark making starts to happen. Then I can’t print fast enough, can’t sleep that night – busy planning the next day.

Two days later and I have at least 12 monoprints ready to collage and draw into. Got to stay loose.

Looking at a Burlesque drawing session in Camden this weekend….

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