Urban Sketchers Naples

Questo! Bello!┬áThe words still ringing in my head the day after returning from Naples. What an inspirational, exciting and exhausting four days! Only four days but seems so much longer – the distance we covered, the places we sketched and the friends we made. Simo and Carolina are a double act of creativity, energy, information, patience and calm in the chaos of Napoli’s back streets, parks, museums, theatres and cafes. They obviously put in a lot of time to get the group(13 nationalities,100’s of pens, brushes, paints, stools, hats and sketchbooks) into the secret places of this facinating city. Behind the scenes in the museums – where dusty sculpture wait to be promoted upstairs; in the restoration lab where paintings are cleaned and stories revealed; tiny streets draped in fresh washing; an intimate theatre performance; private balconies….

Every day was filled with walking, sketching and sharing drawing tips and ideas – and finally a well earned beer and pizza! It was so uplifting to be with a group of lovely generous like minded peopls with one strong bond – to observe and record the sights, sounds and smells of Italy.


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